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To reserve a bed, we suggest that you call the office first to see when the next bed will be opening then you can make a payment of $800.00 to hold the next open bed .  Pay by clicking on the Pay Pal, Pay Now button below and make sure to put the name of who the payment is for in the Residents Name field. By reserving a  bed on this web site and paying for it, you will be guaranteed to have the next bed available. All residents are asked to take this serious and make a one year commitment to stay. Then all you need is  a willingness to really want to live clean and sober and become self-supporting. Since addicts and alcoholics are unpredictable, we are sorry but we do not refund any money paid.  Whether it is a deposit for a bed or rent.  Some reasons for no refund are : If she decides not to come after bed is reserved, the court decides she can not come, we decided she is not a fit, she is jailed instead,  she leaves our program early, comes under the influence and is made to leave on the spot, is sent to the hospital, is asked to leave for any reason or is asked to leave due to rule violations. Rent is $800 initially  then $ 170.00 a week from then on out and covers room, board, food, drinks, transportation, books, bedding, drug screens, laundry,  most personal products, clothing if needed and all in house groups and counseling sessions. Rent does not cover their medications or private therapy sessions on the outside. We are a non-profit and our rates are really low because we want  our women to truly be self-supporting and not be a financial burden on the families anymore. That being said every dollar is needed to help us maintain our beautiful, life saving home.

Residents Name

Here are some of the commonly asked questions:

We are here to help you learn to get clean and sober and stay that way and you would not be contacting us if there was no problem. Right?  Most have legal problems, family problems and their kids are usually not with them at this point. Most have no money and no way to support themselves and their life is unmanageable. That’s why you are looking at this web site we bet. You or they either have a probation officer, the judge or family members saying something has to change now. Having said all that, the rules and guidelines we have in place at the Grace House have successfully worked for many others and you have to trust that we know what is best for you and really want to help you become free. If you or they could do this at home, then you would not be reading this.

When can I call home?

When someone comes to the house there is no family contact by phone, e-mail, or text for the first 30 days. The person can write and receive mail from family. After 30 days here, the resident is allowed one phone call home, one day a week for one hour.  This is to help decrease any added stress and separation anxiety between family and the person in recovery. Romantic relationship are not allowed at all while here.

When can I see my family?

If the person here has children under 18, she is allowed a visit with them after 90 days, then for a 2 day one night visit locally every 6 weeks. The kids must come to Brunswick and see her here. ( Going home usually results in them relapsing).  Most families bring the children here and stay in a hotel and the mother is allowed to spend the night with the kids for one night.  If the person who comes has no children, just parents, the parents are  allowed to visit two das  and one night locally every 90 days while here. Remember the person here will be working full time , going to meetings daily and will be busy. We stay busy to help time go by faster and try to help them grow up and become less co-dependent.

What time is curfew?

Curfew is 9:30pm but no one goes anywhere alone.  We are on a strict buddy system, where all are taken to work and meetings and picked up. The girls go to the beach, shopping and movies, but never alone. This is a working house where all residents work full time and attend daily AA meetings as well as art therapy, bible study the gym, yoga, church on Sunday, and one on one counseling weekly.

When can I have my car or cell phone?

After 90 days both having her own car ( if she has one) and getting a cell phone are both earned privileges. These are allowed if the resident is working full time, paying her own rent, follows house guidelines and is working her steps with a sponsor. The resident must be able to afford to pay for her own gas and or cell phone bill and not on a family plan.

We are a Christian, 12 step based recovery home for women only. We require that all make the commitment to stay a year, participate in weekly bible study, go to a non denominational church on Sunday as a group, work full time, attend at least one AA meeting daily, get a sponsor, work the steps, participate in our groups and just be willing to listen to people who are here to help. We also ask anyone without a car to save money while here and buy a car. This is usually accomplished around 6-9 months here. You have to be able to get to your job after graduation.

What medications are allowed ?

Not many. We only allow a few medications like anti depressants and mood stabilizers. For  heart, blood pressure, diabetes, stomach or other medically necessary medications you must check first to see if we allow them. We do not allow ANY NARCOTICS at all,  NO Suboxone, Methadone,  Benzos, Trazadone, Seroquel, Neurotin, Buspar, Xanax, Adderall or anything that changes the way you feel. We are a sober house and you must want to be sober not medicated. We are not a detox facility and will not wean you off medications either.

Recovery is possible one day at a time… You will love it here.




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