The Grace House

The Grace House of Brunswick, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3, non- profit that is a faith-based charity.  We are a 14 bed, peer support, 12 step / faith based residential recovery program for women only. We help women get sober and become self supporting. Our program is 12 months in length.  The Grace House is a beautiful,  7200 sq ft. historic home in downtown Brunswick, GA.  All rooms are lovingly decorated and have two twin beds and all the comforts of home from TV to computers. The cost for our program is initally $800.00 then $170.00 a week, which includes everything from room & board, to food and transportation.  All residents must obtain  a full-time job, attend daily 12 step meetings,  in-house counseling, bible study weekly, one church service weekly, obtain a sponsor and work the 12 steps. We also work with both the State and Sentinel probation offices.  You don’t have to do this alone !

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Our Mission

To provide women in recovery, through discipline and structure, the opportunity to build a foundation of living free from drugs and alcohol and develop a relationship with God, regardless of her financial situation.

Our Vision

To empower women through education, encouragement and employment.

 Our Values

Encouragement: We provide support emotionally, spiritually and physically, to show women they can be free of addiction and poverty.

Employment: We understand the freedom of being self-supporting.

Empowerment: We know women can grow into responsible, self-supporting assets to the community.

Education: We encourage women to follow their career dreams and expand their minds.






2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am truly grateful for the grace house and all it has done for me this past year . I’ve struggled with addiction my entire life and was always living in the problem instead of trying to find a better way out for myself. I struggled mainly with depression, which shifted me into addiction at an early age . Over the years it became worse, and I only went further down. I’ve tried to get clean several times and the result was relapse everytime because I chose to see the differences instead of the similarities between me and everyone else. Once I got to the grace house this time something just clicked . Something changed for
    Me, and it was my perspective on myself and where I wanted to go in life . While there I learned to love myself , gain tool to fight this disease, and truly enjoy being around the other girls and have real friends . This house helped me push myself forward and means the world to me . I owe everything in my sobriety to God and grace house . This place saved my life and helped me change my thinking to ultimately better myself . I can’t tel you enough how much this place means to me and other people who have graduated the program . My life is the best it’s ever been and for that I’m grateful !!!!

  2. Where do I even begin …

    Prior to coming to the Gracehouse Alcohol was all I knew ! I was broken tired hopeless and the best word I can think of to explain it all is EMPTY … spiritually mentally and physically! I couldn’t do ANYTHING unless I was intoxicated … and I ended up hitting some serious LOWS … from being Homeless, Jail to Car Accidents and the list goes on … I literally gave up and the only answer I could think of was suicide but TODAY I thank God for my family who loved me enough to realize that I had a problem and loved me enough to get me some help … after being on suicide watch then detox then a rehab I was given the opportunity to come to the Gracehouse .. I DID NOT WANT TO COME … but being so empty and broken and after everything I tried wasn’t working I said why not just TRY it so I did
    It was VERY HARD for ME at first but I had nothing else so I stayed and listened and took suggestions and just TRIED SOMETHING DIFFERENT and TODAY by the grace of God with the love of my family and BECAUSE OF THE GRACEHOUSE I CAN SAY I HAVE ONE YEAR OF SOBRIETY I HAVE MY OWN CAR I HAVE AMAZING FRIENDS AND I AM CURRENTLY TYPING THIS IN MY VERY OWN APARTMENT * TEARS * so thankful that I was 1% willing to just TRY … I have a relationship with God that is out of this world and a whole new perspective on life
    I can honest say I am FILLED with Joy happiness and freedom … if you are reading this and just one percent of you is wanting to do it DO IT !!!!!!!!!! Trust me !
    Thanks Gracehouse for helping me find ME again

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