my lifelong struggle

I am truly grateful for the grace house and all it has done for me this past year . I’ve struggled with addiction my entire life and was always living in the problem instead of trying to find a better way out for myself. I struggled mainly with depression, which shifted me into addiction at an early age . Over the years it became worse, and I only went further down. I’ve tried to get clean several times and the result was relapse every time because I chose to see the differences instead of the similarities between me and everyone else. Once I got to the grace house this time something just clicked . Something changed for Me, and it was my perspective on myself and where I wanted to go in life . While there I learned to love myself , gain tools to fight this disease, and truly enjoy being around the other girls and have real friends . This house helped me push myself forward and means the world to me . I owe everything in my sobriety to God and Grace House . This place saved my life and helped me change my thinking to ultimately better myself . I can’t tell you enough how much this place means to me and other people who have graduated the program . My life is the best it’s ever been and for that I’m grateful !!!!

Alex H. March 2017 to March 2018

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