Finding me again

Where do I even begin …

Prior to coming to the Grace House Alcohol was all I knew ! I was broken, tired, hopeless and the best word I can think of to explain it all is EMPTY … spiritually, mentally and physically! I couldn’t do ANYTHING unless I was intoxicated … and I ended up hitting some serious LOWS … from being Homeless, in Jail, to Car Accidents and the list goes on … I literally gave up and the only answer I could think of was suicide but TODAY I thank God for my family who loved me enough to realize that I had a problem and loved me enough to get me some help … after being on suicide watch then detox then a rehab I was given the opportunity to come to the Grace House .. I DID NOT WANT TO COME … but being so empty and broken and after everything I tried wasn’t working I said why not just TRY it so I did
It was VERY HARD for ME at first but I had nothing else so I stayed and listened and took suggestions and just TRIED SOMETHING DIFFERENT and TODAY by the Grace of God with the love of my family and BECAUSE OF THE GRACE HOUSE I CAN SAY I HAVE ONE YEAR OF SOBRIETY I HAVE MY OWN CAR I HAVE AMAZING FRIENDS AND I AM CURRENTLY TYPING THIS IN MY VERY OWN APARTMENT * TEARS * so thankful that I was 1% willing to just TRY … I have a relationship with God that is out of this world and a whole new perspective on life
I can honest say I am FILLED with Joy happiness and freedom … if you are reading this and just one percent of you is wanting to do it DO IT !!!!!!!!!! Trust me !
Thanks Grace House for helping me find ME again

Erin V.

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