I ceased fighting everything and everyone

Grace House has taught me that it is possible (and not complicated) to be sober, happy and free from addiction. I spent more than 10 years struggling in addiction because I didn’t know how to live without popping pills all day to get through the next moment. My life was completely unmanageable and out of control. I had no real solution until I decided to stop fighting with myself and everyone else and get the help I had been needing for so long. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication, but my life is amazing today because Grace House gave me the tools and structure I needed to have a firm foundation. I now have my own place, car and a great job. I also have healthy relationships with my family and the women at the Grace House who are truly like sisters to me. Thank you so much Linda and everyone else that helps support Grace House! You saved my life.

Becca 11/2016 to 11/2017

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