Amber’s story

In my opinion…The Grace House and the woman there saved my life. I came to the Grace House April 2, 2014… I was lost, broken, hopeless, and ready to die!! The love in that home was love I had never felt before. My first day was full of tears, fear, worry, and scared out of my mind.. As well as hugs, love, care, and hope!! Linda Lowe, Vic Haggard, and Holly Gross helped me in ways I never thought was possible. They took me under there wings and helped me to grow and become the woman I was ment to be. They taught me how to dress, behave, be a friend, stay sober, and more importantly how to show and accept love!! The house and the other woman along my journey in the house was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I would definitely suggest this home for anyone that really truly honestly wants to get sober!! If that isn’t Wat u want I suggest u continue Wat u r doing!! I am so greatful to have had the experiences in the house as I did. I made real true honest friends. This home gave me a family I never thought existed… Sisters I could always count on to b there forever. Although my time in the house had bumps n it I knew I was never alone and had help every step of the way. I stayed at The Grace House for a Lil over a year, and it was totally worth it… Today I have a little over 18 months sober and it all started at The Grace House of Brunswick !! Love u all!!