The Mother my Daughter Deserves


I came to Brunswick with the clothes on my back, misery in my heart, and chaos in my life. I got to Grace House in early 2012. I thought that this was my last stepping stone before I died. I didn’t know that in actuality it was the first stepping stone into a real life that I can be (and am) proud of. Grace House taught me rules, routine, faith, acceptance, and unconditional love. It introduced me to a life that I never thought I deserved. It taught me to never give up. Grace House and what it stands for helped me to be the mother that my daughter deserves. It has helped me to earn the trust of a corporation to manage people and money. Grace House helped me to be happy, to have faith and acceptance in all aspects of life, and has given me lasting friendships that I will cherish until my last breath. Grace House gave me life when I was knocking on death’s door.

Annelle, South Carolina