What the Grace House means to me.


Pain pills and alcohol had me on the couch wanting to die. My husband left with my three year old and I hit bottom. Instead of committing suicide, I called a friend who took me to detox. They recommended nine months at the Grace House. That was the best decision I ever made and an experience I will remember forever. The Grace House, counseling, the women at the house and AA together taught me to be sober, happy , joyous and free.  I have experienced the miracles. The girls and I sat, cooked, cleaned, cried, talked, and had fun together. I have my daughter back in my life and I will forever be grateful to the Grace House for saving my life.

Rhonda / Macon, GA




2 thoughts on “What the Grace House means to me.”

  1. I had lost all hope. I was desperate and I needed to change. I’m so very grateful for Linda and the Grace House!! I owe my life to this place!! Through finding God, hard work, dedication, and taking suggestions, I learned how to live life and be happy!! My life has come full circle and today I get to be a part of life instead of hiding from it. Words cannot express how much the Grace House means to me. I am truly grateful!!

  2. I was so very broken when I walked through the doors of the Grace House . I came throw the doors with handcuffs and shackles on . I can honestly God , Linda Lowe, and the Grace house has gave me life today . I am so very grateful for my life today.

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